How not to look like a zombie on camera

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So I spent pretty much the whole day today shooting a video for a crowd-sourcing campaign we’re launching here at soon. Video isn’t exactly my thing – but I got a bit of help from a friend to set things up and make sure everything was fine and dandy. I learnt a few things along the way so I was going to write them down anyway – and then I thought – what the heck – I might as well share this online since, well, that’s what personal blogs are for.

Why do people look like zombies on camera anyway?

How would I know? All I know is – some people look great on camera, and some don’t. Why doesn’t really matter – the sooner you accept that, the better off you are.

But some people of course can’t accept it, which is why they resort to (bucket-loads of) makeup and other painting apparatus to hide their real faces. For the rest of us that choose not to use face-paint make up, there’s a handy camera feature labelled “Zoom out”. You can use it so that whatever topography your face assumes, it’s not magnified 50 times. Unless, of course, you’re this guy:

Ridiculously photogenic guy


Tip #1: Don’t pose. But also don’t be yourself.

There’s a state between posing, and being yourself. It’s that posture you assume when you know someone’s looking at you type at the computer, and you just pretend like you don’t. Or how you write walk past a group of people and you know they’re staring – but you pretend you’re cool and don’t notice. Yeah, that – we’ve all got it.

Here’s mine:

There wasn't really anything in my eye there - but I wasn't posing either.

There wasn’t really anything in my eye there – but I wasn’t posing either. See… It’s all about finding that middle ground.

Tip #2: Don’t pose.

I know what you’re thinking; yeah, yeah I won’t pose. But you will. Because you’re so used to it. And you think you’ll look like Brad Pitt.

To that I say, here – have a meme:

Yeah, you know it. Don’t pretend this never happens, because it always does. Now repeat after me: Don’t pose.

Tip #3: Eh, there isn’t one.

All the cool lists have three items, so I just thought I’d have one too. Whatever.

P.S: This is a rant. Not to be taken too seriously.